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Docomomo International: A Caracas Anthology

Much of the American architecture and the urban and landscaping projects built in the 20th Century inUS Embassy, Caracas, 1963 Caracas, Venezuela are now Modern Heritage at Risk -- some more acutely than others -- and therefore an important concern to conservationists. To document these structures, Docomomo Venezuela presents American Architects and Planners in Modern Caracas. A work in progress, this comprehensive photo anthology was assembled by Hannia Gómez of Docomomo Venezuela and features stunning then and now images of the city's most significant Modern structures.

The projects presented are organized into five subjects derived from Caracas modern history, including Suburban Neighborhoods, Rockefeller's Men and Oil Corporate Headquarters. Some vanished projects are also included in this list, due to their importance in the history of Caracas Modern architecture.

Visit the Docomomo Venezuela website to view the full collection.

Photo, right: Old US Embassy building in 1963 (f. Archives of Fundación de la Memoria Urbana, Caracas). Don Hatch, architect. The metal mural over the entrance was designed by American sculptor and designer Harry Bertoia.

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