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Young Drew the Modern Heritage of Las Mercedes

California building, 1950s (f. 2011 - Docomomo Venezuela)

Architect Miguel Acosta led the first City Drawing Course
DELIA MENESES | EL UNIVERSAL Sunday June 19, 2011 12:00 AM
Translation by Docomomo VE

An unusual scene was observed by the passersby yesterday in the streets of Las Mercedes, Caracas. Between the streets Mucuchíes and California, a group of youths sitting on the sidewalk painted a building from 50 years ago, a survivor of the neighborhood's architectural heritage, which stands among the new architectural proposals. Responsible for directing the activity was Miguel Acosta, a professor of Architectural Design at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo of the UCV, who for three years has taken students and professionals in drawing field trips in European cities like Barcelona or Amsterdam.

This time the initiative took place in Caracas and was also open for amateurs, but only architecture students like Liliana Amundarain finally participated this time.

"It's a way of discovering new things about the city you live in and a chance to compare different spaces," said this third-year student from the architecture faculty of the USB.

For Acosta, one understands better the city by drawing it. "We understand better the relationship with the environment and the context, and even the behavior of people. To draw the city is to own it, to feel that its public space belongs to you," says the architecture professor, who will repeat this activity in Mérida and Barquisimeto .

La Isla building, Las Mercedes, Caracas.

It is not necessary to be
an architecture student or have drawing skills to participate in this course, as another of its objectives is to raise public awareness on the city's Modern Heritage.

Those interested in participating
in upcoming workshops, can call +58 212 993 8360, visit us in facebook: DOCOMOMO VE
or follow us in twitter: @docomomo_ve

Versión espanola aquí.

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